You may want to create a custom t-shirt and get confused about the best design to print on it. The list of the most popular designs for custom t-shirts will help you a lot. Most of the designs are everlasting, so you can apply them to a t-shirt anytime you want.

Specific Statements 

t-shirts with a specific statement will always be popular. It is because a t-shirt is one of the effective platforms to say something without directly saying it. People only need to read the statement on the t-shirt and understand your thought and perspective.

You can also take one of your favorite quotes and apply it to the t-shirt. It is a trick for those who need to campaign, to make people aware, political campaigns, and others. Ensure you are using the right font and color before printing the statement or quote on a t-shirt.

Colorful Random Words 

Some people also love to wear t-shirts with colorful random word designs. It is also a popular design due to its simplicity and freshness. People who wear this t-shirt model seem cheerful, younger, and fresh.

The way you choose the font and colors determines the result. The way you choose the elements also determines the mood of the t-shirt. You would better use a bolt font and use more bright colors than dark ones. Applying 8 or fewer colors is good to keep the design captivating. Business owners can choose words and colors that represent their brands, logos, and visions.

Handwritten Typography 

It is also another popular design people often apply in a custom t-shirt. The design looks straightforward and can represent the wearers. The way you choose the hand-drawn fonts determines the mood of the t-shirt. The same sentence with a different font can create a different mood. A t-shirt looks funky, retro, bold, or even delicate only because of the font and color.

Hand-Drawn Images 

Do you like to draw or sketch on a piece of paper with a pencil? Don’t throw the result away because you can use it for your custom t-shirt. You only have to scan the sketch and let a custom t-shirt service handle the rest. So, you will have a t-shirt with your sketch. It has become a popular design because the t-shirt looks original and personal. The result depends on the way you sketch the design.

Doodle Artwork   

You may also love to create doodle artworks. How about promoting your artwork through a custom t-shirt? Use your doodle artwork on a t-shirt. Your friends may ask where you get the t-shirt. They may get surprised that you are the creator. It even can be a good opportunity to start your fashion brand with your doodle artwork on it.

Clean and Simple Text

How about if you are not a designer? It doesn’t matter at all! You can still create an interesting custom t-shirt. Try to create a clean and simple text and submit it to a print-on-demand t-shirt service, such as Curve Motto. That’s it! You have a personal t-shirt. Try to combine a strong sentence and powerful font to make your t-shirt look attractive. It is a great option for those who love to wear simple and fresh outfits.

Repeating Text 

It doesn’t matter even if you only can write a short sentence. A Text consisting of three powerful words can also be cool for a custom t-shirt. Then, use a repeating text method while designing the t-shirt. That’s it! It is a simple t-shirt, but it can make you confident.

You don’t need to get confused anymore about the best design you have to use to order a t-shirt. Use one of the custom t-shirt design ideas above and wear a personal t-shirt right away. Curve Motto will help to create the t-shirt.

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