Knowing the material of a t-shirt is one of the crucial things. It ensures whether you get a comfortable product to wear or not. There are several common materials to create a comfortable t-shirt a professional t-shirt factory uses.


It is the most popular material used to produce high-quality and comfortable t-shirts. As a trusted t-shirt factory, such as Curve Motto, chose this material because it is soft and breathable. The characteristics are perfect for casual outfits.

There are several types of cottons out there. For example, Curve Motto uses Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton to produce comfortable t-shirts and other fashion products. Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton made of long-staple cotton strands.

The process removes 25% leftover of the raw cotton. It is the reason why the final products are extremely soft. The truth is that these two pieces of cottons are the softest cotton.


Polyester is the second most popular material to create t-shirts. Curve Motto also uses this material on their products. They often mix polyester with other materials, such as cotton. Some t-shirts may be made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

This material is synthetic woven. The reason why fashion designers and factories use this material is because of its durability. The product can’t easily tear, stretch, or pill. As a result, you can wash these t-shirts in a washing machine and don’t need special care. Another great reason is that polyester is moisture-resistant. It means that this material doesn’t soak water or sweat.

Poly or Cotton Blend 

Just like its name, this material is a combination of cotton and other materials, especially polyester. The ratio of the two materials depends on the factory, but a 50:50 mix is the standard. Some products available at Curve Motto are using poly or cotton blends with 90% and 10% polyester ratio or 52% cotton and 48% polyester ratio.

Due to the combination, the t-shirts get the characteristics of the materials. For example, you can feel the soft surface of the cotton. On the other hand, the t-shirts hold their shapes well. It means that the product is not easily wrinkled. These fashion products are suitable for those who often don’t have enough time to iron their outfit. The cost is also affordable compared to 100% cotton fashion products.


Rayon is another blend of cotton and other materials. The unique part of this material is the use of trees and woody plants. The texture of rayon is similar to silk. It is the reason why this material is also known as the silk alternative. The cost is more affordable but you get similar silk quality. Fashion factories often use rayon for producing athletic wear products due to its softness and lightweight.


Cotton is one of the most flexible fashion materials. You can mix it with other materials to get something new. Tri-blends are an example of this mixture. This material consists of cotton, polyester, and rayon.

The idea of mixing these three materials is to get a lightweight t-shirt just like rayon yet soft and durable just like polyester and cotton. This material is also popular in the t-shirt industry.

So, you can start to check the material of the t-shirt you are about to buy. Ensure that the materials are suitable for t-shirts. As a result, you will get the most comfortable and stylish t-shirts just like what you want.

Check Curve Motto for a variety of high-quality t-shirts and other fashion products. The team also uses high-quality materials to produce the best fashion items. You even can get involved by sending your design to create a custom t-shirt. The t-shirt will be more personal and stylish enough to wear anywhere you go.

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